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Safe, Secure and Convenient - Shopping at
Welcome to the Windowclean Centre On-line store, a fast and efficient way to browse and purchase from the widest range of professional window cleaning equipment available in the UK.

You will find it easy to browse around the site or alternatively you can use our Search box to find something in particular. It's easy to search and it's easy to buy.

Please remember you will need to register with us in order to buy any item. The simple instructions for registering are set out below. We also recommend you look through our Terms & Conditions prior to purchasing.

First time here?
1. Browsing
Check out the menu on the left hand side of your screen. Simply click on a Product heading and you will see a list of the items under that heading including brief product details. When you see an item you want to know more about, just click on the image to be shown full details of the product including prices and an ordering box. To see a close-up of the product simply click on the image to enlarge it to super size. To return to the category listings simply click on the "back" link.

2. Searching
Our Search box allows you to access our product database. If you know which product you wish to purchase, you can go straight to that product via the Search box. The Search box is located on the top right of each page under the yellow banner. Simply type in a key word of description and click "go". You will then be shown a list of the products which included the word/s you entered in the Search box. To refine or narrow down your search, add additional information to the Search box e.g. Squeegees - Stainless Steel or Squeegees - Quick Release. Once you have found the product you require, click on the image to see full details of the product.

3. How do I Register?
If this is the first time you have ordered from us on-line, you will need to register with us. Simply click on "Log In" at the top of the page and you will be taken to our log-in/register page where you need to complete all the boxes shown; not forgetting the password. You need to register so that we can collect the information needed to fulfill your order and to contact you if necessary. By registering you will be among the first to hear of special offers, new products and any industry news.

4. Log In
If you are an existing customer returning to our site, it is only necessary for you to log in. Simply click on the "Log In" icon at the top of the page and complete your e-mail address and password in the "existing customers" section.

5. Placing An Order
When you have viewed the product details, to order the product, simply select the quantity of items required and click "Add to Basket". If you require more than 20 items this figure can be adjusted once you have added the item to your shopping basket. Clicking on "Add to Basket" will transfer the selected item(s) to your basket.

6. Viewing Your Order
At any time during shopping you can check the contents of your basket by clicking on the Basket icon at the top of the page.

7. Changing Your Order
To change your order simply click on the Basket icon. You will be shown the contents of your basket. If you decide to alter the quantity of any item, simply click on to the quantity box, back space to clear the amount and enter the revised quantity and click Update. To remove any item entirely, click the remove box and click update. If you change or cancel your order after dispatch, you will need to contact You can check your order status at any time by clicking on "Orders" in the "Account" section.

8. Check Out and Payments
When you have completed your selection, click on the "Basket" icon and check the contents of your basket and click on the "Check Out" box. At this point you will be asked to Register or Log In if you haven't already done so (see 3 and 4 above). Your order will not be processed until you have passed through the Check Out.

If at any time you are unsure of where you are in the buying procedure, you can check your position by looking at the banner at the top of the page - the section you are in will be highlighted in yellow.

9. Delivery Options
When you click on the "Check Out" box you will be taken to Delivery Options. Here you need to select a delivery option which relates to your order and delivery address area. You will be shown a list of options by clicking on the drop down menu.

If the delivery address is likely to be unattended or has restricted opening hours it is ESSENTIAL to complete the Delivery Instructions box. Please give the fullest details e.g. leave at rear by blue door or leave at No. 27. If the delivery address is in a non urban area, please also use this box to supply additional information for the delivery driver e.g. on leaving village on B123, Bluebell Cottage is the 3rd building on the left opposite xyz Farm. Also leave a contact telephone number.

If you wish to have the delivery made to an alternative delivery address please complete the "Alternative Delivery Address" box. Again, you may also need to complete the Delivery Instructions box if the alternative address is likely to be unattended.

When you have completed the Delivery Options page, click "Submit" to proceed to Order Confirmation.

10. Order Confirmation
This page allows you to double check that both your order and the delivery address are correct. If all is OK click "Submit" . This will transport you to the Barclays EPDQ Secure Payment Section.

11. Barclays EPDQ Secure Payment
11.1 Here you will need to select your payment card type from the drop down menu. Then enter the card number. Select the Expiry Date and the Valid From Date (if applicable) from the drop down boxes. Enter the Issue Number (if applicable). Finally enter the last 3 digits of the card security code (this is the number shown in small print on the signature strip on the rear of your card).
Click "Continue" when completed to move to the cardholder information section
11.2 Please enter the Cardholder's name and check the address shown is the cardholders address. As an additional security measure, the cardholders name is not shown automatically.
Click "continue" to move to the Delivery Information section
11.3 Enter your name and check that the delivery address shown is correct As a security measure your name is not shown automatically.
Click "Complete Purchase" when you are satisfied all is correct.
11.4 You will then be shown your completed order. You can print a copy of this for your records.
Click "Continue" to check your order status.
APPROVED - your order has been approved and will be dispatched under our normal terms.
DECLINED - your order has been declined and you will need to re-enter your card details or contact your card issuing company.

12. Order Confirmation
Once your order has been placed and approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from The Windowclean Centre confirming the order has been accepted and from Barclays EPDQ confirming the payment.

13. Checking on Your Order Progress
Once you have placed your order you can check on progress by entering the "Account" area (in the top yellow banner) and clicking on "Orders".

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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