Collars and Clamps for Extension Poles


A range of replacement locking collars, clamps and threads to keep your pole in top condition.

a) Unger Teleplus 25mm Collar (outer)

b) Unger Teleplus 25mm Clamp (inner)

c) Unger Teleplus 29/33/35mm Collar (outer)

d) Unger Teleplus Plate 29/33/37mm (inner)

e) Unger OptiLoc Collar & Clamp

f) Unger OptiLoc Clamp (inner)

g) Ettore Collar & Clamp (inner & outer)

h) Pulex Collar & Clamp (inner & outer)

See Specification for details on Teleplus Collar and Clamps

Unger Teleplus System

The top section has the end cone

The 2nd section (25mm) has an outer (1649) and an inner (1658)

The 3rd section (29mm) has an outer (1654) and two inners (1659)

The 4th section (33mm) has an outer (1650) and two inners (1659)

The 5th (final) section (37mm) has an outer (1651) and 4 inners (1659)


Product Size Code Ex VAT Quantity
Unger Teleplus Collar Outer25mm1649£5.77
Unger Teleplus Collar Outer29mm1654£6.67
Unger Teleplus Collar Outer33mm1650£9.38
Unger Teleplus Collar Outer37mm1651£11.39
Unger Teleplus Clamp Inner (b)25mm1658£1.49
Unger Teleplus Plate Inner (d)29/33/35mm1659£1.57
Unger Optiloc Collar Inner & Outer25mm1652£6.49
Unger Optiloc Collar Inner & Outer29mm1653£8.56
Unger Optiloc Inner25mm3053£1.70
Unger Optiloc Inner29mm3054£2.22
Ettore Locking CollarSmall1624£6.25
Ettore Locking CollarLarge1647£7.10
Pulex Locking Collar25mm1629£2.65
Pulex Locking Collar30mm1630£2.95
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