ScrapeRite Plastic Safety Scraper 4cm


These new ScrapeRite plastic safety scrapers with double sided 4cm (1.5") blades are suitable for the most delicate of surfaces. The non-metallic, double sided plastic ScrapeRite blades will not rust or corrode and due to their non-cutting design, the blades are safe on hands and fingers.

ScrapeRite scrapers are available in two pack sizes:-

ScrapeRite Scraper & 5 blades
ScrapeRite Scraper & 25 blades

Replacement blades are available in packs of 100 - for details of blade suitability see Specification

ORANGE: The softest and most flexible blade - for use on glass, acrylic, fibreglass, marble, plastics and vinyl.

YELLOW: A rigid blade for use on flat surfaces. Ideal for glass and windows, it is also suitable for use on aluminium, stainless steel and automotive surfaces.

BLUE: A medium tensile strength blade, stiffer than the orange but still retains some pliability. Perfect for surfaces that can handle more friction & pressure.

BLACK: A new tougher material, more resistant to breakage and wear. Designed for use in applications where repeated heavy use is common.
Product Size Code Ex VAT Quantity
ScrapeRite & 5 Blades (Yellow)40mm (1.5")1958£2.99Out of stock
ScrapeRite & 25 Blades (Yellow)40mm (1.5")1954£5.99
ScrapeRite & 5 Blades (Orange)40mm (1.5")1972£2.99
ScrapeRite & 25 Blades (Orange)40mm (1.5")1973£5.99
ScrapeRite & 5 Blades (Blue)40mm (1.5")3056£2.99
ScrapeRite & 25 Blades (Blue)40mm (1.5")3057£5.99
Blades - Pack 100 (Yellow)40mm (1.5")1975£8.95
Blades - Pack 100 (Orange)40mm (1.5")1974£8.95
Blades - Pack 100 (Black)40mm (1.5")1987£8.95
Blades - Pack 100 (Blue)40mm (1.5")3058£8.95
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