Squeegees Brass

Brass squeegees

  • Unger Golden Pro

    Unger Golden Pro

    The Golden Pro. A solid brass squeegee with a rear mounted lever that operates a clamping plate to hold the rubber firmly in place and allows for quick release of the channel an...

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  • Ettore Brass Master

    Ettore Brass Master

    This is where it all started.The original modern squeegee, and eighty years after its patent, the Ettore Brass Master is still one of our most popular squeegees.  Read the history of this iconic to...

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  • Ettore Brass Top Clip

    Ettore Brass Top Clip

    Manufactured from tempered brass, the Ettore Brass Top-Clip squeegee is fitted with a front mounted clip for quick and easy channel changing. Brass end clips ensure the rubber is held true and...

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  • Pulex Brass

    Pulex Brass

    Excellent value, this classic style Brass Squeegee from Pulex. is fitted with brass end clips to ensure the rubber is held true and straight.

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