Combination Washers

Combo washers

  • Ettore Backflip Combo Tool

    Ettore Backflip Combo Tool

    The Ettore Backflip, two tools which lock together to form a four way wash and squeegee combination tool that will greatly increase your productivity.Lock the Backflip on t...

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  • Moerman Combinator

    Moerman Combinator

    A recent addition to Moerman's range of products. The Combinator is a wash and squeegee tool designed to save you time and money. Based on the ground breaking Liquidator channel, the Combinator ca...

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  • Moerman Excelerator 2 and Fliq Combination

    Moerman Excelerator 2 and Fliq Combination

    Combining the Moerman Excelerator 2.0 with the Fliq washer gives fast results. No need to swap tools, ideal when working on ladders or high rise. The Fliq washer pad has high water retention, ...

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  • Moerman FLiq

    Moerman FLiq

    A further innovation from Moerman. The FLiq is designed to clip to the Liquidator 2 channel to convert your squeegee into a combination squeegee/washer tool. Designed for use both by hand or on an ...

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  • Pulex TechnoDuo Combo Tool

    Pulex TechnoDuo Combo Tool

    The TechnoDuo, a new fixed combination washer and squeegee from Pulex.  Ideal for cleaning at height, simply push the TechnoDuo on to your extension pole and you are ready to go. No need to change ...

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  • Unger Visa Versa Combo Tool

    Unger Visa Versa Combo Tool

    The original fixed combination tool, the Unger Visa Versa will allow you to wash and squeegee at height with just a twist of the poleWhen fitted to either the Unger Opti-Loc or TelePlus extension p...

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  • SPC Tricket

    SPC Tricket

    NEW!The SPC Tricket provides the easy answer to cleaning glass louvres, and plastic vertical blinds.The Tricket's unique design allows you to clean both sides of the glass in two simple actions. Op...

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