Squeegees Curved End

Curved end squeegees

  • The Moerman  Liquidator

    The Moerman Liquidator

    Developed, tested and approved by professional window cleaners, the Moerman Liquidator is the next step in the evolution of the squeegee.The Moerman Liquidator produces amazing results with less ef...

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  • Moerman Experience Toolbox

    Moerman Experience Toolbox

    Experience the DifferenceBecome a Moerman with the new Experience Toolbox, featuring a brand new Snapper squeegee handle and including both 25 & 35cm Liquidator channels.The Experience Too...

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  • Moerman Liquidator Swivel

    Moerman Liquidator Swivel

    Incorporating all the unique time saving benefits of the Moerman Liquidator channel, this swivel handle will pivot side to side, allowing you to clean hard to reach areas.  The handle can...

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  • The Excelerator

    The Excelerator

    The newest product to the Moerman range. Moerman claim it to be the fastest squeegee on the market. The handle can be set up in a 10, 25 or 40 degree angle depending on the type of window frame, w...

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  • Unger S Plus

    Unger S Plus

    New from Unger the S Plus is a curved end stainless steel channel and is compatible with the Unger 'S', Unger Pro and ErgoTec Handles.Channel and rubber only - handles are sold separately - see below

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