A range of professional detergents designed for that extra sparkle!

  • Glass Gleam 4

    Glass Gleam 4

    Glass Gleam 4  "The Professional's Choice."  This powerful concentrate is our most popular solution, and for good reason - it makes windows sparkle like diamonds!  Glass Gl...

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  • Glass Gleam 3

    Glass Gleam 3

    This Is Not Soap, its Science! A state of the art formulation for the professional window cleaner.   Ideal for medium and soft water areas. (for hard water areas use GG4) To check out the water qua...

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  • 20-20 Glass Cleaner

    20-20 Glass Cleaner

    A concentrated detergent for use when cleaning glass, windows and mirrors with a squeegee. 20-20 safely cuts through grease and grime, hand prints and outdoor pollution to produce sparkli...

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  • Ettore Squeegee Off

    Ettore Squeegee Off

    Ettore Squeegee Off, a professional window cleaning super concentrate for streak-free results, Ettore Squeegee Off is a neutral low suds detergent designed for use with an applicator and  squeegee....

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  • Moerman Pro Squeeze Deluxe

    Moerman Pro Squeeze Deluxe

    A professional window cleaning detergent from Moerman. Pro Squeeze Deluxe is a thick liquid - not easy to spill - does not need to be diluted, and has a pleasant fragrance and a neutral ph. Designe...

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  • Unger Liquid

    Unger Liquid

    Unger Liquid, a neutral and biodegradable, low suds, streak free cleaning liquid for use with applicator and squeegee for cleaning windows, glass and mirrors. Unger Liquid can also be applied ...

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  • Unger Gel

    Unger Gel

    Unger Gel, a biodegradable, streak free glass and mirror cleaner in gel form, designed for use when cleaning with an applicator and squeegee.Unger Gel can either be diluted with water in your bucke...

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  • Glimmer Clean

    Glimmer Clean

    An economy detergent formulated for use with an applicator and squeegee.  For the removal of general soiling, grease and traffic film etc. from windows, glass and  mirrors.Dilution: ...

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  • Glass Gleam Solar

    Glass Gleam Solar

    Glass Gleam Solar is a specially formulated detergent to keep your solar panels producing their best results. All to quickly solar panels can become contaminated and performance drop off,  kee...

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  • Unger Stingray Glass Cleaner - Refill

    Unger Stingray Glass Cleaner - Refill

    The Scotchgard Stingray Glass Cleaner is a ready to use refill pouch for use with the Unger Stingray Indoor Cleaning System, ideal for all glass surfaces, effectively removing dirt, ...

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  • Evans Clear

    Evans Clear

    Evans Clear is a ready-to-use spray-on glass cleaner which will remove atmospheric grime, smoke haze and insect debris from glass and mirrors.Available in a 750ml Trigger Spray and 5 litre refill. ...

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  • Trigger Spray Bottle

    Trigger Spray Bottle

    An empty 600ml trigger spray bottle for use with your favourite detergents and cleaners.

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  • Sprayer on a Belt - Unger

    Sprayer on a Belt - Unger

    Cleaning on the move! The Sprayer on a Belt will allow free movement when working. Ideal for cleaning interior windows, glass partitions, glass balustrades and mirrors etc.The unit comprises, a 1 l...

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