High Level Dusting

High level dusting

  • Ettore Super Dusting Brush

    Ettore Super Dusting Brush

    The Ettore Super Brush is a radius dusting brush with flagged end bristles. The pivoting head allows the brush to be used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. The Super Brush is ideal for remo...

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  • Pulex Fan and Wall Brush

    Pulex Fan and Wall Brush

    A nylon bristle dusting brush on an adjustable metal frame. The Pulex Fan & Wall brush is ideal as a general purpose dusting tool. This brush has a push on fit to the Pulex extension poles...

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  • Pulex Pipe Brush

    Pulex Pipe Brush

    A curved metal frame with nylon bristles, the Pulex Pipe Brush is ideal for dusting pipes, beams and other curved top structures. This pipe brush is a push on fit to the Pulex extension poles....

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  • Unger Lambswool Duster

    Unger Lambswool Duster

    This ultra soft  Unger Lambswool Duster is ideal for the most delicate of dusting operations. The flexible (bendable) duster will remove dust & cobwebs from walls, furniture, lighting etc. The Lamb...

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  • Unger Ostrich Feather Duster

    Unger Ostrich Feather Duster

    Perfect for all delicate dusting needs, the Unger Ostrich Feather Duster contains only top grade feathers with thousands of separate filaments for maximum softness.  For delicate dusting the ostric...

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  • Unger Pipe Brush

    Unger Pipe Brush

    Made with a heavy duty but bendable galvanised wire frame with polyprop bristles, the Unger Pipe Brush is ideal for high level cleaning of pipes and other rounded surfaces. The Pipe Brush has a scr...

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  • Unger ProCeiling Fan Duster

    Unger ProCeiling Fan Duster

    For dusting ceiling fan blades and other flat surfaces.The Unger Pro Ceiling Fan Duster has a shaped metal frame and is fitted with a microfibre sleeve. The washable sleeve is covered with hundreds...

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  • Unger ProFlex75 Duster

    Unger ProFlex75 Duster

    Bendable to any shape you need. The Unger ProFlex 75 is ideal for cleaning above, below and around corners. The sleeve of the ProFlex 75 is made from washable microfibre and the unit is supplied wi...

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  • Unger Star Brush

    Unger Star Brush

    The Star Brush from Unger is ideal as a cobweb clearing brush, with split tipped soft poly fibres which attracts and holds dust. The Star Brush is designed to push fit on to any of the telescopic p...

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  • Unger Wall and Fan Brush

    Unger Wall and Fan Brush

    This oval shaped Unger Wall & Fan Brush is ideal for removing cobwebs & dusting walls etc. The brush contains 50% natural horsehair and 50% nylon bristles. The wire frame can be re-shaped for multi...

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  • Ettore Angle Joint

    Ettore Angle Joint

    A fully adjustable angle adaptor designed for use with screw-fit dusting accessories 

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