Ladder Accessories

A range of accessories for safety and protection when working from a ladder.

  • Ladder Mitts - Surface Protectors

    Ladder Mitts - Surface Protectors

    The original, and best,  Ladder MittsLadder Mitts are a simple idea that will increase safety and protect your customer's property.Ladder Mitts are strong Urethane foam covers, which fit on t...

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  • Racktite - Ladder Clamps

    Racktite - Ladder Clamps

    NEW LOWER PRICE Keep your ladders safe and secure. Racktite  ladder clamps are designed to fit over your ladders and clamp them to the roof rack. These strong long lasting plated steel clamps ...

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  • SafeClamp - Ladder Clamps

    SafeClamp - Ladder Clamps

    Safe and secure SafeClamps are a new design for fixing ladders onto roof racks or roof bars.Manufactured from tough composite plastic and using a stainless steel hook, the SafeClamp will ...

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  • Ladder Mat - Safety Levelling Mat

    Ladder Mat - Safety Levelling Mat

    The Ladder Mat, is an easily portable ladder levelling device comprising four solid rubber mats, allowing four levels of height adjustment to enable you to set your ladder vertically on sloping or ...

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  • Rojak Ladder Stopper - Safety Base

    Rojak Ladder Stopper - Safety Base

    BE SAFE USE A STOPPER!The Rojak ladder stopper - spread the load and increase the grip and stay safe.A portable aluminium and vulcanized rubber ladder base which will provide exceptional grip on mo...

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  • Heavy Duty Safety Cone

    Heavy Duty Safety Cone

    Ensure safety first with these sturdy double sided Safety Cones. Printed with the message 'Window Cleaning in Progress' on one side and 'Trip Hazard Trailing Hose' on the rear.Weighing 3....

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  • Ladder Bonnet - Surface Protector

    Ladder Bonnet - Surface Protector

    Snap a Ladder Bonnet on to your pointed A Frame ladder to protect delicate surfaces.Made of synthetic sheepskin, the Ladder Bonnet is hardwearing and washable.

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  • Ladder Top Block

    Ladder Top Block

    A non-marking solid rubber replacement top block. Suitable for fitting to both our timber and alloy point ladders.  These blocks are grooved vertically and horizontally for secure positioning on wi...

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  • Ladder Feet - Yellow

    Ladder Feet - Yellow

    Replacement feet for standard straight sided, alloy ladders. These feet are designed to fit into the bottom of the box section of your ladders side rail. Note: These feet are not suitable...

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  • Ladder Feet - Alloy A Frame

    Ladder Feet - Alloy A Frame

    Replacement feet for our (Ramsay) aluminium pointed A frame ladders. Two sizes are available:52mm for all single section ladders and double section ladders up to (and including) 3mtr...

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  • Trim 2 Fit Replacement Ladder Feet

    Trim 2 Fit Replacement Ladder Feet

    Trim 2 Fit replacement ladder feet. These cut-to-size replacement feet are made of solid rubber and have a serrated profile to provide a safe and extended life compared to the plastic alternatives....

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  • Ladder Safety Feet  - Oval

    Ladder Safety Feet - Oval

    For extra safety fit a pair of these heavy duty feet to your ladder. These oval replacement ladder feet are made from plated steel and solid rubber. The pivoting safety feet have a textured rubber ...

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