Specialist Cleaners

A range of specialist chemicals for heavy cleaning and to assist in the removal of hard water and cement stains, atmospheric pollution, adhesive and tape residue etc.

  • A-1 Water Stain Remover

    A-1 Water Stain Remover

    A-1 is a non-toxic and biodegradable stain remover for the removal of water spots, limescale and atmospheric pollution on glass and similar surfaces.  A-1 is suitable for removing staining on glass...

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  • Ettore Water Spot Remover

    Ettore Water Spot Remover

    A mildly abrasive thick paste for the removal of limescale, water spots and atmospheric pollution on windows, glass and similar surfaces.Ettore Water Spot Remover is safe for use on interior surfac...

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  • Cement Off

    Cement Off

    Cement Off from Titan Laboratories is an environmentally friendly liquid for the removal of concrete, plaster and grout from glass and similar surfaces.   With no mine...

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  • Crystal Clear 550

    Crystal Clear 550

    A heavy duty glass clearing agent for the removal of hard water deposits, alkali residues, haze and other atmospheric pollutants.Crystal Clear 550 will dissolve away mineral deposits from the surf...

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  • Oil-Flo 141 Safety Solvent

    Oil-Flo 141 Safety Solvent

    Nothing else like it!Oil-Flo 141 Safety Solvent Cleaner is a unique water soluble solvent and degreaser which will dissolve numerous stains, adhesive residue, window sealant, oily film and lot...

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  • CitriFlo Solvent Cleaner

    CitriFlo Solvent Cleaner

    A multi-purpose citrus solvent. CitriFlo will cut through the toughest grease, grime and dirt. CitriFlo dissolves oily bonds and rinses away without leaving any residue. Ideal for the removal ...

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  • Sorbo Glide

    Sorbo Glide

    "For increased squeegee slide add a drop of Glide".Add Sorbo Glide to your regular window cleaning detergent solution, and feel the difference. Glide will help improve your squeegee speed...

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  • Winsol Super Slip - Squeegee Glide Additive

    Winsol Super Slip - Squeegee Glide Additive

    An additive to improve squeegee glide and to slow-down evaporation in hot conditions.Super Slip reduces squeegee drag and extends the life of squeegee rubber. Super Slip will mix instantly wit...

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  • Titan Green HD Cleaner

    Titan Green HD Cleaner

    Titan Green is a super strength multi purpose cleaner with exceptional cleaning ability. Titan Green gives spectacular results when removing dirt and grease. Titan Green cuts th...

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  • Vitopan Stainless Steel Cleaner

    Vitopan Stainless Steel Cleaner

    For the perfect finish on stainless steel. Vitopan is  Ideal for cleaning stainless steel doors, window frames, architectural finishes etc. Vitopan Stainless Steel Cleaner will both clean...

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  • Winsol Deep Clean

    Winsol Deep Clean

    A specialist awning and blind cleaner. Designed to clean the most heavily soiled awnings and signage,Winsol Deep Clean is safe to use on both vinyl and woven outdoor fabrics. Deep Clean i...

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