Squeegees Stainless Steel

Stainless steel squeegees

  • Ettore Pro Grip

    Ettore Pro Grip

    Part of a range of ergonomically designed tools from Ettore.The Pro Grip squeegee features a slip-resistant moulded grip that is longer than traditional handles.A front mounted flick-up clip releas...

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  • Ettore ProPlus

    Ettore ProPlus

    Ettore's ProPlus squeegee features an extended length, moulded handle with non-slip gripThe front mounted Q/R clip allows for fast rubber changing. The stainless steel back plate releases the...

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  • Ettore Top Clip Window Squeegee

    Ettore Top Clip Window Squeegee

    A long-time favourite of professionals worldwide, the Ettore Top-Clip stainless steel window squeegee  is fitted with a slip resistant rubber grip.A front mounted flick-up clip allows for quic...

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  • Ettore Stainless Steel Window Squeegee

    Ettore Stainless Steel Window Squeegee

    This Stainless Steel version of the established Ettore Brass Master is a real workhorse and will provide years of solid service. Fitted with a clipless channel, the rubber is held in position ...

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  • Ettore Standard Master with Rubber Grip

    Ettore Standard Master with Rubber Grip

    Ettore's Master squeegee in stainless steel complete with rubber grip. Channels are clipped and require end clips (supplied).Note: This squeegee is not quick release (screw and nut f...

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  • Pulex Stainless Steel Window Squeegee

    Pulex Stainless Steel Window Squeegee

    A quality squeegee that provides excellent value for money.The Pulex features a rear mounted back-plate to release the channel and rubber.The Pulex squeegee is fitted with a rubber covere...

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  • Pulex Technolite

    Pulex Technolite

    The Pulex Technolite handle is ergonomically shaped for a comfort grip. The rubber moulding ensures a non-slip grip and is ideal for winter conditions. The channel and rubber are held in position b...

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  • Toplock


    A top quality squeegee, the Toplock has an ergonomically designed handle which features an anti-slip moulding and provides a real comfort grip.The quick release back plate has a moulded pressplate ...

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  • Unger ErgoTec Window Squeegee

    Unger ErgoTec Window Squeegee

    The first of the new generation of ergonomically shaped squeegees, the Unger ErgoTec has now established itself as a firm favourite with professionals. The ErgoTec has been designed ...

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  • Unger ErgoTec XL

    Unger ErgoTec XL

    A longer version of the popular ErgoTec handle. The XL grip is 2cm longer than the standard ErgoTec handle.The XL is a more comfortable choice for window cleaners with large hands, while reta...

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  • Unger Pro Window Squeegee

    Unger Pro Window Squeegee

    A quick release stainless steel window squeegee with rear mounted trigger. The Unger Pro is fitted with a shaped rubber handle for a sure grip when wet and is designed for use with c...

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  • Unger S Window Squeegee

    Unger S Window Squeegee

    A good value option for professionals the Unger S stainless steel window squeegee features a rear mounted, spring loaded back-plate which grips the rubber and clipless channel. The shaped...

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