Squeegees Swivel Head

Swivel head squeegees

  • Ettore ProPlus Super System - Stainless

    Ettore ProPlus Super System - Stainless

    This Ettore Pro Plus Super System squeegee features a swivel handle with a front mounted Snaplock channel release and new improved rubber grip. The swivel action allows the squeegee to be used for...

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  • Ettore ProPlus Super System Brass

    Ettore ProPlus Super System Brass

    The Ettore ProPlus Super System has an improved non-slip grip (ideal when wet), and the front mounted Snaplock lever allows for quick channel release The 180 degree swivel action allows the squeege...

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  • Moerman Liquidator Swivel

    Moerman Liquidator Swivel

    Incorporating all the unique time saving benefits of the Moerman Liquidator channel, this swivel handle will pivot side to side, allowing you to clean hard to reach areas.  The handle can...

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  • Unger Swivel Loc 30 degree

    Unger Swivel Loc 30 degree

    This swivel headed squeegee is ideal for use both as a hand held tool or on an extension pole for difficult and angled glass. Use the Swivel Loc to clean triangular or round topped windows. A front...

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  • Unger Swivel Loc Straight

    Unger Swivel Loc Straight

    The Unger Swivel Loc Straight (or Zero) handle is fitted with a pivoting head that can be locked in any position, ideal for tapered glass panels.The straight handle allows you to ‘pole’ the sq...

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  • Pulex Swivel Squeegee

    Pulex Swivel Squeegee

    A very comfortable swivel handle at a super price. The Pulex Swivel accepts standard brass channels, held in place by a screw fixing backplate.

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