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Unger HydroPower RO L Kit

CODE 5022

Unlimited pure water on demand

The Unger Hydropower RO L, the next generation of reverse osmosis filtration technology, and coupled with the latest Unger Carbon poles and accessories provides the ultimate RO Kit! This stand-alone filtration unit is capable of producing up to 400ltrs of pure water per hour (enough for up to 3 operators simultaneously).
Use the RO L as a production unit for vehicle-mounted tanks or as an on-demand filter for on-site use - the RO L is an ideal choice for hotels, schools, care homes or large residential units.

Incorporating 3 stages of filtration, water production is monitored by the new SmartGuard, an easy-to-use digital system that continuously tracks the performance of all the filter components. Automatic flushing of the RO membrane during the shutdown and adjustable flow rates optimise filter performance to specific tasks and extends the life of filters.

Maintenance is simple, as all key components are changeable without the need for tools.

Mounted on a stainless steel chassis and solid rubber wheels the RO L is fully mobile and built to last.

This new RO L unites advanced intelligent technology, automation and user friendly features, allowing you to concentrate on the job of top class cleaning. 

Included in the kit is the latest Carbon 24K telescopic pole and extension reaching to an impressive 11.8m (38') The 42cm angle adaptor allows reach over sills and for recessed windows. The 28cm Power Brush has spliced bristles for perfect cleaning. A 50m delivery hose with water flow regulator allows freedom of movement.

Diamensions (Filter Unit)

Size: 107 x 53 x 70cm (42" x 21"x 28")

Weight: 75kgs