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Mr LongArm Hydrasoar Extension Pole

Suitable for cleaning conservatory roofs, facias, awnings, caravans & boats etc. the Hydrasoar telescopic 'flow through' water pole is designed to be connected to a mains water supply via a garden hose and to be fitted to one of the range of three Hydrasoar brushes (see codes 2505, 2506 & 2510)

Supplied with a on-off tap and featuring a foam insulated outer covering, the Hydrasoar pole can also be fitted with a swivel angle adaptor (2508) which will allow you to set the brush at the optimum angle.


1.4 - 2.4m (4.5 - 8ft) Weight: 665g

2 - 3.6m (6 - 12ft) Weight: 830g
CODE 2507