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Yellow Card Loyalty Scheme

In addition to our competitive prices and special offers, The Windowclean Centre also offers you our yellow card scheme.

How It Works

Each time you buy from us (minimum £15.00 excluding delivery) you will receive a stamped yellow card. Just collect eight stamps and return the cards to us for a credit of £10.00 - automatic extra discount each time you spend. If you buy via the internet or telephone you will receive a card with one stamp with your receipt. If you order by post please send your card with your order form. We will stamp your card and return it with your receipt. Just remember to complete your name and address on the rear of the card so we can identify you.


Do I receive more than one stamp if I spend over £15.00?

No - we have intentionally set the level low to be fair to all our customers. One stamp per order. Of course, if you buy larger quantities of our popular items you will automatically receive quantity discounts. Check out scrim, rubber etc.

Can I receive cash?

No - the yellow card is a discount card which you use against future orders.

 What happens if I lose my card(s)?

Don't lose them - we don't keep copies and are unable to supply duplicates.

 I have collected eight stamps - do I have to return the card(s) immediately?

No - once you have eight stamps, KEEP them until you're ready to place your next order. Our yellow card discount is a continuing scheme - there are no deadlines.

Use our Freepost address to return your loyalty cards - just make sure your name and address is one on of the cards.  Return to:-


 (that's all you need to put on the envelope, no address is necessary)