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Unger Hydro Power RO S Kit

CODE 5023

Brand new from Unger, pure water for everyone!

An economical solution for cleaning windows and glass in medium to hard water areas. Utilising proven RO technology the new Unger Hydro Power RO S uses a 3 stage filtration process to produce 200 ltr per hour @ 4 bar for spotless cleaning. The filter unit features a combination pre-filter, premium RO membrane and Di polisher to produce water at zero ppm. A high quality stainless steel centrifugal pump produces a constant high water flow (the unit can also be used with a boost function of tap water for pre-cleaning of heavily soiled surfaces).  A built-in TDS meter shows the water quality at the touch of a button and an auto shut-off protects the pump in the event of water supply failure.

Compact in design, the stainless steel chassis and large transport wheels allow easy manoeuvrability and loading.

Included in the kit is the latest Unger Carbon composite extension pole reaching to 8.6m (28') An Unger 27cm Power brush with spliced bristles gives perfect cleaning and durability and a 15cm angled adaptor allows perfect positioning of the brush on the glass. A 25m delivery hose allows flexible working. The Unger RO S Kit - the perfect introduction to RO cleaning!

Dimensions: (Filter Unit)

Size: 96 x 53 x 45cm

Weight: 45kg