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Unger nLite Connect - Ultra HiMod Carbon

CODE 2902
The ultimate water fed pole! Made using a combination of carefully selected premium carbon fibres, this top of the range Unger Connect Ultra HiMod Carbon Fibre Extension Pole is the stiffest, most rigid and controllable water fed pole in the world! Being light weight and with unrivalled rigidity, the 6.63m (22ft) Master Pole can be used with up to four extensions, giving a maximum working height of 20m (65ft)

If you are cleaning high level glass, building facades, solar panels and signage, the Ultra HiMod Carbon Fibre is the pole of choice.

As part of the Unger Connect range, the Ultra HiMod Carbon Fibre pole has a maximum diameter of 35mm irrespective of the number of extensions. The top section is 26mm to minimise flexing. The base of the pole is protected by a durable end cap. The easy to use pole clamps require only a flick of the thumb to operate and are fully adjustable.

Hoses (optional) can either be threaded through the external clips or inserted inside the pole.

All nLite poles are supplied complete with clamps, hose clips, end plug and brush spigot.

NOTE: Unger nLite poles are supplied with a tapering 'Euro' threaded end cone - compatible with most makes of pure water brush. We are also able to supply the 'Acme' end cone and adaptor for use with traditional cleaning tools.

Master Pole:

4 x 1.87m (6.06ft - 21ft) Weight: 1.5kg


2 x 1.91m (6.2ft - 11ft) Weight: 0.7kg