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A Sharp Look At the Successful History of JBF (Jysk Barberblade-Fabrik)

A Sharp Look At the Successful History of JBF (Jysk Barberblade-Fabrik)

JBF (Jysk Barberblade-Fabrik) designs, manufactures and markets professional scrapers and scraper blades.

JBF’s high quality products, more commonly known by the brand name Triumph, are used all over the world, and are designed for professionals in the general cleaning, window cleaning, painting and decorating, and aquatics sectors. JBF also produces a wide range of industrial blades for other uses, which means the company has a broad and successful skill-set.

The JBF factory, originally established in 1930 in Løgstør, Denmark, is now based at Aalborg in larger premises. Initially, the Aalborg plant produced traditional razor blades, before using its knowledge of precision-made blades to switch to the production of scrapers and blades for industrial purposes. JBF has almost 40 years’ experience in making professional scrapers.

The factory is owned by two highly experienced former JBF employees, Morten Thomsen and Margit Sigaard. Morten handles logistics, and Margit with sales and administration. The company’s staff deal with production, warehousing, sales, marketing and administration.

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