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Window Cleaning Cloths, Soaps & Cleaners

The quality of your window cleaning depends on the cleaners, soaps, and cloths that you use. 

To achieve a streak-free finish, use the right type of cloth. Scrim cloths are a must-have - robust and durable, perfect for removing stubborn streaks and soap residue.  Microfibre cloths are soft and gentle on surfaces, to clean all the nooks and crannies without scratching or damaging the glass. For wet cleaning small-paned glass, chamois leather is the best option.

We have a variety of window-cleaning soaps available.. Using the right detergent ensures an effective clean for different types of dirt, grease & grime. For more demanding cleans, we have specialist cleaners & solvents to cut through stains and residues.

How are Chamois cloths made?

A brief background of Chamois Leather

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