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Spray Bottles

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your toolkit, or are just starting out as a window cleaner, our spray bottles are an essential product for ensuring that you can transport and get to work with your materials when out and about. Available individually and in bulk, our spray bottles have a 600ml capacity and a trigger spray that allows you to effortlessly carry and apply your choice of detergent or cleaner. For enhanced accessibility, we also stock Unger sprayer on belt products that allow free movement when working. These spray bottles are particularly effective when working on windows, glass partitions, glass balustrades and mirrors. Coming with its own one litre spray bottle, this elegant solution features a trigger spray head attached to a flexible and extending micro hose that allows you to work at any angle you require. It also features a clip that can be easily fixed onto the user’s belt. Ultimately, you can rely on our spray bottles and spray bottle accessories to provide you with the central tools you need to get the job done.