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Ladder Accessories

Bringing together all of the ladder accessories you need to work more effectively, our range of surface protectors, clamps, levelling mats and other additions make it possible to carry out window cleaning tasks with greater safety, comfort and efficiency. From popular top blocks to heavy duty safety cones, our ladder accessories ultimately make it possible to work professionally and safely. Committed to stocking the most trusted products in the industry, we are pleased to supply surface protectors from Ladder Mitts which are undoubtedly one of the most recognisable solutions when it comes to professional ladder accessories. Improving the safety of the worker whilst at the same time protecting the property they’re working on, these protectors are made of a strong Urethane cover and are easily attached to the head of a ladder to provide a soft cushion that removes the risk of chipping and scratching. To find out more about the specification of any of our ladder accessories, be sure to read the individual product descriptions.