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Pure Water Poles

Whether you require a single pole or a kit that combines a variety of accessories, our Pure Water Poles and collections provide you with everything you need to optimise the use of your Pure Water Cleaning System. Highly flexible, products like the Unger nLite Connect Pure Water pole consists of four parts to reach a maximum height of around nine metres. Constructed out of high quality aluminium, this and other Pure Water poles provide an ideal extension for reaching difficult areas with a brush or squeegee. Easily combined with other accessories, it’s possible to thread hosing through Pure Water poles to provide greater power wherever necessary. To get everything you need in one collection, the Unger Carbon Composite and Carbon 24K Kits come highly recommended as they provide a Pure Water pole along with a small bore hose, angle adaptor and a twin jet double fill power brush. To find out the specifics of each Pure Water pole, be sure to check the product information.