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Pure Water Hoses & Connectors

Enabling you to extend and improve the use of your Pure Water Cleaning System, our selection of Pure Water Hoses and Connectors are durable accessories that come in a variety of lengths and materials. From durable small bore hoses to high visibility and microbore hoses, our collection of hoses is complemented by an assortment of Pure Water connectors and rings to provide you with everything you need to enhance the overall performance of your Pure Water Cleaning System. Likewise, we stock Pure Water Control Valves that are quick and easy to fit, providing a lightweight solution that saves both time and water. Ultimately, our collection of Pure Water Hoses and Connectors, as well as a selection of products that powerfully combine the two, promise to help you work with a far greater efficiency and effectiveness. To find out more about any of our Pure Water Cleaning Systems or accessories, simply get in touch with a member of the team today.