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Unger - From Humble Beginnings To Worldwide Success

Unger - From Humble Beginnings To Worldwide Success

If you are in the deep cleaning business, or you simply own and value high-quality cleaning products from squeegees to high-tech mops, then you have most likely seen the Unger brand. Unger is now one of the leading companies in cleaning products, but like most successful businesses, it had very humble beginnings.

How Did Unger Start?

Unger started with its namesake, Henry Unger. Henry was a window cleaner who moved to Germany upon meeting his wife, Barbara, and that’s when he decided to turn his life around. He was inspired by the technological advancements in window cleaning, like squeegees from the United States, and decided to bring some of them to Germany. He was a really good salesman. The result? Innovation!

Henry started experimenting with window-cleaning technology. However, unlike the massive headquarters they have now in Connecticut, or their facility in Solingen, Germany, Henry only had his mother-in-law’s attic in Hamburg to start from.

Henry’s wife, Barbara, played a vital role in supporting and aiding him on his successful business journey. They say behind every great man, there is a great woman, and Barbara definitely fits that category.
              unger factory

What Makes Unger So Successful?

A large part of Unger’s success is due to Henry Unger’s extreme precision and care for quality. The man was constantly thinking of and developing new and better cleaning methods and tools, like the stainless steel squeegee.

At the time, brass squeegees were the standard tool, and he thought stainless steel would make for a far superior squeegee. It didn’t end at the squeegee, however, as you can also thank him for the invention of the modern bar and sleeve.

Using this passion for quality and keen eye for quality, the business grew, and the company still finds innovative ways to be a pioneer in the cleaning business. An example of this is the bucket on the belt.

Henry Unger led the business for as long as he could, but eventually, his empire passed to go to his sons: Dane, Mark, and Jan. Just like their father, they are keeping the company alive and on its toes without a single ounce of drop in quality or innovation.
unger house

What Is Unger’s Secret?

Unger prides itself on being a company founded by window cleaners. There is no one better to make window-cleaning products than a window cleaner; it just makes sense, as they know exactly what’s needed. Because of this care and knowledge of the ins and outs of the profession, and their philosophy of customer support and service, Unger is staying at the top of the game globally.

Even now, Unger is still finding new and innovative ways of revolutionising cleaning supplies, and not just in the field of window cleaning. An example of this constant innovation is the development of the Unger water-fed tools, which use water as a sort of deep-cleaning ammunition.

Other recent inventions by Unger include the Ergotec® Ninja, taking squeegees to new levels. Finally, the HiFlo™ PureWater cleaning system and nLite telescopic poles also make window cleaning far more advanced than anyone could imagine.
Unger’s focus isn’t only on the present but also on the future, as they are finding new ways of conserving energy and waste. This has helped Unger grow considerably from that little attic in Hamburg to a global superpower with major facilities in two countries. We think the future is in safe hands with those following in the footsteps of Henry Unger.
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