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LadderMat - Safety Levelling Mats

Pack Size

The LadderMat.  An easily portable ladder levelling device comprising four rubber mats, allowing four levels of height adjustment to enable you to set your ladder vertically on sloping or uneven surfaces.

The maximum height adjustment is 6.5cm (2.5")

The solid rubber LadderMat can also be put under both feet of your ladder to prevent slipping on polished or shiny surfaces or to prevent damage when erecting ladders on flat roofs.

Use a LadderMat to prevent your ladder from sinking into soft ground – ideal for protecting customers lawns.

Size: 24 x 17cm  (9.5" x 7") Each Mat

         63 x 17cm  (25: x 7") Open

Weight: 2.1kg

CODE 2418