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Moerman Excelerator 2 Squeegee

CODE 2864

The newest product to the Moerman range. The Excelerator 2 swivel head squeegee will speed up your work, both as a hand tool or used on an extension pole. Moerman claim the Excelerator 2 to be the fastest squeegee on the market.

The Excelerator 2 handle can be set up in a 10, 25 or 40 degree angle depending on the type of window frame, window height or possible obstacles. Ideal for challenging angles or just personal preference. When using the free moving swivel head, a slight twist of the handle and the blade immediately goes in the right direction and boasts more channel spread allowing the operator to cover the window faster. Used as a rigid squeegee, the Excelerator 2 evenly distributes constant pressure across the channel. The new front mounted clip makes rubber and channel change an easy and quick operation.

Team up the Excelerator 2 and the Moerman FLiq washer pad to form a super squeegee /wash combo (see under Combination Washers)

Weight: 125g (Handle)