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Angled Adaptors for Extension Poles

CODE 1626
Clip on an angle adaptor to your extension pole for extended reach over window sills and transoms etc. An angle adaptor will also allow you to set your squeegee at the perfect angle when cleaning sloping glass.

Note: Choose an angle adaptor from the same manufacturer as your pole & tools.

a) Unger cast alloy angle & alloy tube

b) Unger nylon angle & alloy tube

c) Pulex cast alloy angle & alloy tube

d) Ettore nylon angle and tube

e) Moerman New longer angle & cone

a) Size: 19cm Weight: 350gm

b) Size: 17cm Weight: 87gm

c) Size: 16cm Weight: 110gm

d) Size: 14cm Weight: 97gm

e) Size: 29cm Weight: 140gm