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Ettore Backflip Squeegee Combo Tool

CODE 1433
Channel Option

The Ettore Backflip, two tools which lock together to form a four way wash and squeegee combination tool that will greatly increase your productivity.

Lock the Backflip on to your extension pole and it can be used as a single pass washer/squeegee for regular or light cleaning.

By reversing the washer pad the Backflip is transformed into a wash and squeegee tool and can be used for all general cleaning by simply rotating the extension pole.

Finally, you can separate the Backflip and use the two parts as individual applicator and squeegee.

Available in sizes: 25, 35, & 45cms. (10" 14" &  18") with stainless steel channels

Note: The channels on the Backflip overlaps the washer by 5cm to ensure maximum water pick-up.


25cm 380g
35cm 425g
45cm 495g