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Glass Gleam 3

CODE 2200
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A state-of-the-art formulation for the professional window cleaner.

Ideal for medium and soft water areas. (For hard water areas use GG4.)

Because Glass Gleam 3 does not ‘wet out’ like washing-up liquids etc., you will experience far less bleeding at the window edges, greatly reducing detailing work.

As Glass Gleam 3 stays wetter longer, it allows you extra working time, particularly in warm and windy conditions. Glass Gleam 3 will reduce end streaking and extend squeegee blade life.

Glass Gleam 3 has a balanced PH, is kind to hands and is biodegradable. Using only a teaspoon per gallon of water, Glass Gleam 3 will outperform any other cleaner available.

Use Glass Gleam 3 in a trigger spray and buff dry for brilliant results on leaded windows.

Because Glass Gleam 3 is a Super Concentrate, the 1-litre bottle will make up approximately 250 to 280 gallons of working liquid! The measured dispensing bottle will ensure you have the correct dilution. Keep one in your bucket!

Designed for medium and soft water areas.

Dilution: 1:1200

Sizes: 1lt & 3.8lt