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Glass Gleam Glide

CODE 2216


This professional glide additive will eliminate squeegee drag and chatter and extend working time in warm conditions.

Glass Gleam Glide eases wrist pressure and will help you find the perfect slip for your fanning technique.

Use Glass Gleam Glide when razor-scraping the glass to reduce the risk of scratching.

Glass Gleam Glide is easy to use – just add to the detergent in your bucket.

Recommended dilution is 1:1200 (approx. 4ml per gallon) but you can add more or less to suit your preference.

Glass Gleam Glide is biodegradable and kind to hands. It leaves no residue and won't make your tools or hands slippery.

The easy-to-use dispensing bottle means you get the correct dilution every time and never waste a drop.

Use with Glass Gleam 4 for a sparkling result.

Dilution:  1:1200

Size:  473ml