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Glassman Pocket Scraper - 10cm

CODE 1920

Glassman Safety Scraper.  A top quality 10cm (4") pocket scraper from Vermop, the manufacturers of the Toplock Squeegee.

Ideal for removing stickers, labels, paint residue etc. from glass  and other smooth surfaces. The Glassman Scraper is fitted with a safe transport cover which can be reversed and locked on to the scraper and used as a hand grip. The Glassman can also be locked on to the TopLock Squeegee Handle for extra versatility when scraping large areas. An eyelet in the scraper body allows for the fitting of a safety leash or lanyard, important when working at height.

Changing the double sided blade is safe, quick and easy thanks to the unique Blade Change Security System.  A convenient storage magazine in the cover holds spare blades - 2 supplied. 

Replacement blades for the Glassman are available in packs of 25 either Carbon or Stainless Steel.

Weight: 75g