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Unger HydroPower Ultra S Filter Unit

CODE 5002

Spotless Pure Water Cleaning!

The new Unger Hydropower Ultra S deionised water filter unit has improved filter performance, giving an increase of up to 30% over the previous Unger Di models. The FloWater 2.0 technology in each filter pack ensures efficient water flow through the resin, optimising resin saturation.

The Hydropower Ultra S features a FastLock twist lock lid, built-in TDS meter which displays at the touch of a button and improved metal quick-connect fittings for the attachment of water inlet and outlet hoses. Every Ultra S filter unit is supplied with a 6ltr pack of Unger new formula premium ion-exchange resin - perfected for glass cleaning - and is ready to go!

The Hydropower Ultra S can be used as a stand-alone 'no waste' filter or as the final finish for your RO unit.

Dimensions: 35 x 30 x 31cm (14" x 12" x 12.5")
Weight: 10kg