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Moerman Combinator - Combo Tool

CODE 2855

The Moerman Combinator is a washer squeegee combination tool designed to save you time and money.

Based on the latest ground breaking Liquidator 3.0 channel, the Combinator can be used as a single pass tool or as the more traditional wash, rotate and squeegee combination.

The design of the Combinator washer sleeve makes it lightweight while still delivering just the right amount of cleaning solution to the window. The Liquidator channel cleans to the edges of the glass for impressive detail-free drying. The ergonomic Combinator can be used by hand or fitted to an extension pole for difficult to access windows.

Available in 25 & 35cm versions, the Combinators will fit in the Moerman Bucket Holster.

Weight: 25cm 195g

              35cm 230g