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Moerman Gekko Pad Holder

CODE 4065

The Gekko swivel pad holder from Moerman allows cleaning across the surface and into the corners of the glass. The adjustable 360 degree pivoting head allows you to use a sweeping action, ideal for high, low and hard to reach areas. The alloy back plate is designed as a trapezium with angled ends for efficient water removal. The ergo shaped handle is comfortable in use and can be fitted to all extension poles using the Moerman, Unger, Ettore or Pulex locking end cones.

A choice of pads are available for the Gekko:

The Gekko Steel Wool Pad for heavy cleaning

The Gekko Fugu Pad for general cleaning

The Gekko Micro Glass Pad for polishing

Weight: 240gms

Dimensions:  32 x 8cm