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Moerman Liquidator 3.0 Squeegee

CODE 3030

Developed and tested by professional window cleaners, the Moerman Liquidator 3.0 is the next step in the evolution of the squeegee.

The Moerman Liquidator 3.0 produces amazing results with less effort.

The unique redesigned plastic end plugs support the new blue all seasons rubber and apply the prefect pressure to the channel end tips. This allows the Moerman Liquidator 3.0 to get to the extreme edge of the frame. The result is virtually no water residue and zero detailing. The plastic end plugs will also prevent damage to frames.

The aluminium channel is lightweight and requires only light pressure to provide perfect pressure distribution, increasing speed and performance. The Moerman Liquidator 3.0 is a real step forward for traditional window cleaning.

The Moerman Liquidator 3.0 works on all kinds of windows. Old or new, thick or thin rubber seals, wood, plastic, or aluminium. With the Liquidator amazing results are guaranteed!

Reduce detailing, save time and "take it to the next level" with the new Moerman Liquidator 3.0 squeegee.

Weight: 100g (Handle)