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Traditionally the Best
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Moerman Toolholder 2.0

CODE 3132

A cleverly designed and well-thought-out new tool holder from Moerman.

The Moerman Toolholder 2 has multiple compartments, designed to hold all standard squeegee & washer handles and channels up to 45cm (18").  Along with a front compartment to hold a pocket safety scraper.

The curved back of the Toolholder 2 ensures a comfortable fit against your leg.  Fitted with a removable belt clip and designed for both left and right-hand use.  The ribbed moulding on the side of the holder ensures the water runs away from your leg.

With a narrow profile and curved back, the Moerman Toolholder is probably the most comfortable on the market.

Dimensions:  42.5cm(h) x 14cm(w)

Weight:  315g