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Pulex Aluminium Squeegee

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The Pulex Aluminium Squeegee is fitted with a quick-release, spring-loaded back-plate to hold the clipless channel and rubber in place.

This Pulex Aluminium Squeegee is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium, so the squeegee is 50% lighter than the equivalent in stainless steel – size 35cm (14") weighs only 113g (4oz).

A lightweight aluminium squeegee built to professional standards.

Pulex Aluminium Squeegee – more details

A lightweight squeegee built to professional standards, the Pulex Aluminium Squeegee is manufactured from aircraft grade aluminium and weighs only 113g (4oz). Brought to you by one of the most trusted brands in the industry, the Pulex Aluminium Squeegee boasts all of the outstanding durability and dedication to lasting results that you would expect from such a manufacturer. Designed to expertly clean windows, smooth surfaces, and mirrors, this professional-grade product promises to deliver outstanding results every time. As durable as it is lightweight and effective, the Pulex Aluminium Squeegee boasts a range of features that make it an all but essential addition to your window cleaning toolbox.

Perhaps the most important feature of the Pulex Aluminium Squeegee is its aluminium frame and handle which make it a market leader in terms of durability. This feature ultimately ensures that the user is able to make good use of the product over long periods of time without suffering any kind of fatigue. Similarly, the flexible rubber blade means that the Pulex Aluminium Squeegee is largely resistant to the usual effects of wear and tear, meaning that you’ll not need to replace this particular product in a hurry. In addition to these key features, the plastic end clip has also been engineered to hold the blade securely in place to reduce the chance that it will slip or fall from the frame.

Available in 6” to 36” model variants, the Pulex Aluminium Squeegee can be easily adapted to a variety of surfaces, making it easier than ever to clean everything from small to large windows with ease. There’s also a range of blade types that can be affixed to the Pulex Aluminium Squeegee to better improve its overall precision. Whether you require straight, angled, or curved blades, there’s a solution that’s sure to help you get the job done to the highest possible standard.

Promising streak-free results, the Pulex Aluminium Squeegee has earned a reputation amongst professional window cleaners for its ability to take care of the job without leaving behind any unsightly water or cleaning solution remnants on the surfaces that it’s applied to.

As previously mentioned, the Pulex Aluminium Squeegee is all but unrivalled in terms of longevity. This is owed to the well-designed aluminium frame and handle that are naturally resistant to the effects of the elements. Specifically, the Pulex Aluminium Squeegee does not suffer from rust, corrosion, or any of the other harmful effects of being regularly exposed to water and cleaning chemicals. The rubber blade is likewise hardened against wear and tear to ensure that the user is able to rely on the product time after time. In short, the Pulex Aluminium Squeegee is a tool that you can rely on for lasting results for a lasting number of years.

Another notable feature of the Pulex Aluminium Squeegee is its ease of use; no matter whether you’re an experienced window cleaner or are simply searching for a lightweight solution for DIY tasks, the squeegee features a comfortable handle and lightweight body that make it easy for any user to achieve effective results with ease.

Primarily used for cleaning windows and other smooth surfaces, the Pulex Aluminium Squeegee is capable of producing its best results when the surface it is being applied to is cleaned with water and cleaning solution beforehand. Once this task has been completed, the application of the Pulex Aluminium Squeegee should be carried out by pulling it downwards with a firm and even grip. To get even better results, it is recommended that the user apply a cloth to the blade between each stroke to ensure that any excess water and cleaning solution is properly removed before re-applying the squeegee to the surface. Of course, it is advisable to use the squeegee in partnership with the professional window cleaning products available from our website. In particular, you should browse our range of specialist cleaning solutions as well as our glass cleaners to identify which type will be the most suitable for the job at hand.

Though it is far more commonly used to clean windows, the Pulex Aluminium Squeegee is just as effective when used to clean other smooth surfaces such as shower screens, tiles, and mirrors. This flexibility is owed to the outstanding design of the product that ensures it can capably remove water and cleaning solution from a large range of surfaces.

Altogether, the Pulex Aluminium Squeegee is a remarkable choice of squeegee for window cleaning experts and DIY enthusiasts. Providing streak-free results time after time, the model provides the kind of dependability and professional finish that constitute a job well done. As lightweight as it is powerful, the Pulex Aluminium Squeegee can also be used for extended periods of time without bringing with it the effects of fatigue and discomfort.

At the Windowclean Centre, we strive to provide as many options as possible when it comes to our products. It is for this reason that we stock the Pulex Aluminium Squeegee in a complete package as well as a squeegee handle-only version. It is also possible to purchase the channel and rubber in isolation, too, so you needn’t worry about purchasing any unnecessary parts. Proud to offer the Pulex Aluminium Squeegee in a variety of sizes, we’re also confident that we have a version that will suit the needs of all window and surface cleaners. Ultimately, you can count on us to kit you out with everything you need when it comes to using and maintaining the Pulex Aluminium Squeegee.

Should you have any further questions about this particular product, or any of the other models of squeegee that we stock at the Windowclean Centre, be sure to get in touch with a member of our team today. They will be more than happy to discuss your needs and identify the best solution for you.