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Pure Water Barrow 120

CODE 5008

Spotless glass cleaning on the move!

The perfect package for on-site cleaning of windows, fascias etc. where there is no convenient water supply. Ideal for cleaning schools, colleges, shopping centres and business parks etc. without the worry of constant connection to a water supply and mains power.

The purpose-built 120 litre low profile water tank is mounted on a two wheeled barrow with large flat free tyres offering excellent stability even when full.

The barrow is filled via the 6.9 litre Di filter vessel. The battery will give 12 hours working time on a full charge (6 hours re-charge). The Shurflo pump will deliver up to 4.5 litres of water per minute at 100 psi. The system has an inbuilt digital flow controller to adjust the pump speed allowing the operator to save water. A hand-held TDS meter is included to check water quality.

The system is a complete package including 15 metres of delivery hose, a choice of two oval carbon fibre telescopic extension poles, an angle joint and a twin-jet 26cm brush.

The Oval8 lightweight carbon fibre poles offer improved stability and control, a more comfortable grip, and elimination of brush spin. Two options of pole height are available;

OV35 7 section 10.7m (35') working height 38'

OV45 9 section 13.7m (45') working height 48'


Size: 75 x 68 x 155cm
Weight: 35kg

OV35 1.9 - 10.7m (6-35') Weight: 2kg
OV45 2.1 - 13.7m (7-45') Weight: 2.8kg