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Sorbo Glide

CODE 2207

"For increased squeegee slide add a drop of Glide".

Add Sorbo Glide to your regular window cleaning detergent solution, and feel the difference. Glide will aid the glide of your squeegee speed and improve blade wear. By slowing down evaporation Glide will allow you more working time in warm and windy conditions.

Varying the ratio between your glass cleaning detergent and Glide you can finely tune your cleaning solution depending on humidity and temperature. So, whether you're in the withering dry heat of the Australian Outback or the damp coolness of the UK, your skills can shine through unimpeded.

Use Glide to wet the glass surface and minimise the risk of damaging the glass surface when razor scraping. Dilution:  1:1500 (5ml to 7.5l water)

Size: 473ml