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SPC Sorbo Scraper with Holster 15cm

CODE 1926

The SPC (Sorbo) Heavy Duty 15cm (6")  A metal head scraper with plastic handle. Ideal for the removal of paint, tape, plaster and adhesives from glass surfaces and for the preparation of glass surfaces prior to the application of window film.

The head pivots to allow you to set the scraper at the correct angle for scraping. The unique steel blade holder provides the perfect positioning to remove debris across its full width with every stroke. The blade holder can be off-set (move to an L shape) to allow you to reach behind security bars or other obstructions.

The outstandingly sharp double sided blade gives 8 times the scraping area of the 40mm single sided scrapers.

The SPC HD Scraper is supplied complete with a heavy duty holster for safe storage. The holster is brass lined for safety and durability, and can be clipped to your belt with the quick release belt.

Replacement blades are available in packs of 25 either Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel.

Weight: 180g 


Blade Information

Carbon Steel blades provide the ultimate performance, they have an edge that is unmatched by Stainless Steel. Carbon steel blades are preferred for heavier usage as they are slightly stronger, however they are prone to rusting if left wet for any period of time.  

Stainless Steel blades are more flexible and provide an excellent edge while not matching Carbon Steel.  Stainless Steel blades are slow to rust, important if your scraper is not being used on a regular basis.