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The Gutter Cleaner

CODE 1648
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The Gutter Cleaner is a robust but flexible tool for clearing leaves and debris from gutters and gullies. The low profile enables the Gutter Cleaner to access the difficult areas where tiles or slates overhang the gutter.

The Gutter Cleaner can be used either by hand or screwed to any of our extension poles (Acme thread). Using the Gutter Cleaner on an extension pole reduces the need for frequent ladder movements.

Size: 30cm (12")
Weight: 80g

The Gutter Cleaner – more details

Powerful and highly flexible, the Gutter Cleaner is a tool that does an incredible job of exactly what its name describes. Capably removing leaves and other debris from gutters and gullies, the low profile of the Gutter Cleaner ensures that it can easily manoeuvre through hard-to-access areas where overhanging tiles or slates might make it difficult to clear the gutter without a specialist tool.

Highly regarded for its versatility, the Gutter Cleaner can be used by hand or screwed onto a range of extension poles via Acme thread. Enhancing the overall capabilities of the product, the use of the Gutter Cleaner when affixed to an extension pole ultimately helps to reduce the need for frequent ladder movements or repositioning when on the job.

A vital task that requires regular attention, gutter cleaning ultimately helps to maintain the overall integrity of a property by preventing the considerable damage that can be caused by clogged gutters. As a skilled task, this can be made far more efficient when using a tool like the Gutter Cleaner which is specially designed to make life easier. Not only does the Gutter Cleaner make cleaning gutters easier, but it also makes it far safer thanks to its ergonomic and stable design.

Weighing 80g and measuring 30cm (12”), the Gutter Cleaner is sturdy enough to apply pressure where necessary whilst at the same time being light enough to apply without experiencing a lot of fatigue. Its size also makes it easy enough for a toolbox to accommodate without taking up an unhelpful amount of storage space. Altogether, this makes the Gutter Cleaner a compact yet powerful solution that promises to come in useful for window cleaning professionals no matter what kind of job they find themselves on.

As a powerful tool for cleaning gutters, the Gutter Cleaner provides a single solution that can be depended on for this particular task whenever necessary. Its ease of use also means that it is straightforward enough for DIY enthusiasts to make use of whilst at the same time delivering all of the power and flexibility that a professional window cleaner requires when at work. When combined with other tools available on our website, we’re confident that you’ll have all of the tools at your disposal to complete your tasks with a remarkable finish.

Available to purchase in single or double packets, we have made it as easy as possible for window cleaners to obtain the Gutter Cleaner, along with a spare should they require it.

Should you have any further questions about the Gutter Cleaner or any other products we provide at the Windowclean Centre, be sure to get in touch with a member of our team today. They will be very happy to provide any additional guidance you may require before buying with confidence.