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Triumph Mk 2 Scraper 15cm

CODE 1922

TRIUMPH, the world's finest professional scrapers.

The Triumph Mk 2 Scraper is strong & lightweight. The moulded handle is comfortable to use and fits well on to your pole.

The outstandingly sharp 15cm (6") double sided blade is ideal for the removal of paint, plaster tape and adhesives from glass surfaces, or for preparing glass surfaces prior to the application of window film. 

The blade is easy to change or rotate, simply push the handy tab to release the blade and its holder from the handle (no screws) The blade is protected when not in use by a snap-on safety cover (included) A optional leather holster will keep the scraper ready-to-use on your tool belt.

Replacement Blades: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and HD Stainless Steel blades are available for this scraper (packs 25)

Weight: 100g