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Unger ErgoTec Glass Scraper 10cm

CODE 1945

Sturdy and with an ergonomically designed handle, Unger's ErgoTec 10cm (4") Glass Scraper is a popular choice for professionals for the removal of paint spots, plaster, tape and adhesives from glass surfaces. The ErgoTec Glass Scraper can also be used to prepare the glass surface prior to the application of window film.

The ultra sharp double-sided blades are simple and quick to change and the protective cover snaps into place to keep the scraper safe when not in use. An optional holster is available to keep the scraper conveniently on your tool belt.

When used on an Unger OptiLoc or Teleplus extension pole, the ErgoTec scraper will safely lock onto Unger's Ergo End Cone.

Replacement Blades available in packs of 25 both Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel.

Weight: 85g

Unger ErgoTec Glass Scraper 10cm – more details

An essential tool in any window cleaning toolbox, glass scrapers make it easy to remove debris and any other unwanted materials from glass surfaces. Specifically, they capably take care of any paint spots, adhesives, plaster and tape that may be attached to a glass surface. In addition to enhancing the cleaning process, glass scrapers can also be used to prepare glass surfaces for the application of a window film.

At the Windowclean Centre, we are pleased to offer a range of ergonomically designed glass scrapers that are highly regarded by industry professionals. Each equipped with well-designed handles and optional extras, we’re confident that you’ll find exactly the right glass scraper when shopping with us. The Unger ErgoTec Glass Scraper, for example, boasts double-sided blades that are quick and easy to change, with a protective cover that effortlessly snaps into place to ensure that the glass scraper remains safely protected when not in use. Protecting the user as well as the product, this feature is just one of many that guarantee its lasting efficiency.

Stocking replacement blades as well as the glass scraper, our range of products enables you to get everything you need in one place. It’s important to note that there’s also an optional holster for the Unger ErgoTec Glass Scraper that makes it easy to keep it attached to your toolbelt and within arm’s reach when at work.

Easily affixed to extension poles, the Unger ErgoTec Glass Scraper can be applied at range, making it easier than ever to get a professional and lasting finish no matter what project you’re taking on. Compatible with and easily affixed to both the Unger OptiLoc and Teleplus extension pole, the scraper can also be combined with other quality products to furnish the user with exactly the right tools for the job. As lightweight as it is versatile and ergonomic, the Unger EgoTec Glass Scraper comes with a soft grip handle and thumb rest to enhance its overall ease of use.

Besides being an incredibly comfortable tool to use when tackling large surfaces, the Unger ErgoTec Glass Scraper has been specially optimised to do away with heavy dirt. Offering a heavy-duty window cleaning solution, the blades of the glass scraper are held firmly in place by a sliding insert that locks securely into the head unit. Should the user need to change or rotate the blade, a finely integrated button makes this a simple operation. Constructed from coated carbon steel, the blades make light work of paint, stickers, and all other manner of adhesives that are commonly found attached to windows. This design has also proven to reduce the risk of damage to the surfaces it is applied to, allowing the operator to work with complete confidence.

A highly flexible and comfortable tool, this professional glass scraper features a non-slip rubber coating to guarantee that it provides outstanding usability in each and every aspect. Available in both 10cm and 15cm sizes, the variety in model aspect also makes the Unger ErgoTec Glass Scraper a fantastic choice for window cleaners working on domestic jobs as well as more substantial commercial projects. Stocking both sizes, our team is on hand to discuss which option is the best fit for you in the event that you are at all uncertain about which version will best fulfil your needs.

Maintaining the Unger ErgoTec Glass Scraper couldn’t be easier. With blades that can be effortlessly replaced and with a design that makes it simple to wipe down between uses, the user can easily dispatch any dirt or debris that has built up over time. As a unit that has been designed with longevity in mind, there is also no fear that it will need replacing shortly after purchase.

Altogether, the Unger ErgoTec Glass Scraper makes for an all but unbeatable addition to any window cleaning toolbox. Highly versatile, lightweight, and providing a superior finish to all manner of jobs, its leading reputation amongst professionals is assuredly well-deserved. Capable of removing adhesives, paint spots, plaster and tape, you can rely on the Unger ErgoTec Glass Scraper to efficiently get the results you need time after time. What’s more, with its optional extras and compatibility with other quality window cleaning products, it promises to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of your window cleaning workflow.

Should you have any further questions about the Unger ErgoTec Glass Scraper, be sure to get in touch with a member of our team today. They will be happy to provide you with any additional information you may need prior to purchasing your glass scraper.