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Unger nLite Carbon Composite Pure Water Poles

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A new milestone for pure water cleaning. Its Oval!

The all new Unger nLite poles offer innovation, high quality and customer oriented developments to produce a new pole that is more rigid, non-twisting and has optimal stability for precise control of your cleaning brush or traditional tools.

The oval pole shape is perfectly adapted to the shape of your hand allowing complete control.

The locking clamps have a smooth profile and can be opened and closed with just one finger.

Integrated hose management allows the hose to be routed either internally or externally.

Unger nLite Carbon Composite poles are manufactured from a high quality mix of carbon and glass fibres, and are designed for working heights up to 10m

Lightweight, durable and with complete control, it has to be the new Unger nLite pole.

Note: The Unger Carbon Composite Poles are part of the new nLite System and are designed to be used with the new nLite Goosenecks and Unger Power Brushes.


0.90 - 1.60m   2 section  weight: 0.46kg

1.70 - 3.20m   2 section   weight: 0.70kg

1.70 - 6.00m   4 section   weight: 1.41kg

1.70 - 8.60m   6 section   weight: 2.20kg