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Unger nLite Power Brush - Extra


A new top of the range pure water brushes with a choice of bristles for all cleaning applications. The double fill brush has inner bristles for high cleaning performance and longer outer bristles for easy gliding, eliminating the tendency of the brush to 'jump' on the glass. The Extra Power Brush has a central nozzle block containing the water jets and the ends of the brush have a soft touch bumper to protect window and other frames. A rinse bar is fitted to the top of the brush.

A unique feature of the Extra Brush is its ability to swivel in use, allowing you adopt the S movement (or slalom) keeping the brush perfectly positioned on the glass and introducing a completely new way of cleaning windows up to first floor or for use in boom lift or building cradle .

The Power Brush Extra Green Bristle Brush has spliced (or Flagged) end bristles for perfect cleaning results and optimised durability.

The Power Brush Extra Grey Bristle brush has straight cut bristles for maximum cleaning performance and perfect on glass gliding.

Note: An gooseneck (angle adaptor) is required to fit the new Extra Power Brushes to the new nLite Water Fed Poles (codes: 3877, 3878 & 3879)


CODE 3873