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Unger OptiLoc Extension Pole

CODE 1605
One of our best selling ranges of extension poles. The Unger OptiLoc is a sturdy extruded and anodized aluminium pole with fluted profile in 2 or 3 sections.

With recent improvements to the design, the heavy duty twist-lock collar is easier to grip even when wet. The pole is supplied with the removable ErgoTec end cone which will provide a safe positive lock for Unger ErgoTec tools. A screw thread on the end cone allows for the fitting of dusting tools. The new base grip has a non-slip insert which prevents the pole slipping when placed upright on polished floors.

Sizes: 2 x 0.60m (2-4ft)  370g
           2 x 1.25m (4-8ft)  620g
           3 x 0.60m (2-6ft)  650g
           3 x 1.25m (4-12ft) 1 k
           3 x 1.5m (5-15ft)  1.25k
           3 x 2m (6.5-19.5ft)  1.6k