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Unger Teleplus Extension Pole

CODE 1612

Our longest aluminium telescopic pole. The versatile Unger Teleplus can be arranged to give you a maximum height of 10 metres (32') Use the Teleplus for high level dusting as well as traditional window and glass cleaning

Start with a three section base unit (Base A or Base B) and simply add on one or two additional sections as required.

The five section design of the Teleplus make it the most stable and versatile traditional extension pole in the industry. The alloy tubing on four of the five sections is fluted for a sure grip, and the large adjustable collars are easy to use even when wet.

Fitted with the removable ErgoTec end cone the Teleplus will give a positive lock to Unger ErgoTec tools and has a screw thread to fit dusting equipment.

Base A: 3 x 1.3m (4ft-12ft)  Weight: 1.25kg
Extension A1: 1.24m (4ft)  Weight: 500g
Extension A2: 1.25m (4ft)  Weight: 615g

Base B: 3 x 2m (6ft-18ft)  Weight: 1.54kg
Extension B1: 2m (6ft)  Weight: 765g
Extension B2: 2m (6ft)  Weight: 920g