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Unger Ultra LC Filter with Chassis


The new Unger HydroPower Ultra LC is setting new standards in Di filter technology and spotless pure water cleaning.

With re-designed resin packs which include new FloWater technology, the new Ultra LC will clean approx 2000 sq mtrs of glass, an increase in water purification of up to 30% compared to standard Di vessels.

To allow you to monitor water quality the Ultra LC is fitted with an integral TDS meter.

The improved metal quick-release fittings are reliable and suitable for all Hoselock style connectors.

The Ultra LC Filter Unit is mounted on a solid stainless steel 2 wheeled trolley for stability and ease of transportation.

Every Ultra LC filter unit is supplied with a triple pack of Unger new formula premium ion-exchange resin - perfected for glass cleaning.

CODE 5004