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Unger Ultra S with Power Pad Kit

CODE 5049

Simple Spotless Glass Cleaning!

This brand new pure water cleaning kit from Unger will allow you to speedily clean large areas of exterior ground floor glass. The HydroPower Ultra S Power Pad kit includes the new swivel Power Pad head providing a flat cleaning surface that can be swept across the glass slalom style, using an action similar to that of using a squeegee. 

Comprises a fully charged Hydropower Filter Unit, a 6m Optiloc alloy extension pole, 35cm Power Pad Cleaning Head (including two Microfibre cleaning pads) and 25m small bore DuroFlex delivery hose including water flow regulator.

To start cleaning simply connect the Ultra S filter unit to your mains water supply and you are ready to produce sparkling, spot-and-streak-free results. With no pumps or power required the Ultra S PowerPad kit is plug-&-play. 

The new Unger HydroPower Ultra S filter unit is setting new standards in Di filter technology and pure water cleaning. With re-designed resin packs which include new FloWater 2.0 technology, the new Ultra S will clean approx 600 sq mtrs of glass per resin pack, an increase in water purification of up to 30% compared to standard Di vessels. To allow you to monitor water quality the Ultra S is fitted with an integral TDS meter. The improved metal quick-release hose connection fittings are reliable and suitable for all Hoselock style connectors.

The redesigned resin packs are easy and quick to change and contain 6ltrs of Unger premium new formula resin – perfected for spotless glass cleaning.

Filter Dimensions: 35 x 30 x 31cm (14" x 12" x 12.5")
Weight: 10kg