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Cement Off: A safe, effective cleaner by Titan Laboratories

Your standard window cleaning equipment — squeegee, washer, cloth and glass cleaner fluid — will help you get most muck off windows. But what if it’s something out of the ordinary? Cement, for example, grout or plaster. That’s going to need a specialist cleaning fluid.

The Problems of Cement on Glass

For the most part, builders are careful that materials like cement, grout or plaster only go where they’re meant to, but splashes and spillages can happen. Sometimes, they’re the result of carelessness, but often they’re impossible to foresee. We’ve witnessed a case where shutters split on a high-rise building, sending cement pouring down the side — and all over the windows below.

There are certainly products that will dissolve cement, but the problem is that they tend to be acid based. Needless to say, this brings its own problems. Besides the heavy fumes these acid products can give off, they’re also likely to damage metal frames.

Of course, you could try to scrape the cement off, but there are dangers there, too. Cement is abrasive, so if any of it gets behind the blade, it could cause damage to the glass itself. So what’s the answer?

A Safe, Effective Cleaner

Cement Off is a product from Titan Laboratories, based in Dallas, Texas. They make a wide range of window cleaning products, many of which we sell, and this one is perfect for cleaning up after builders before putting a property on the market.

Cement Off is different from its competitors. It contains no acid, making it completely safe, not only on glass, but also on tiles, plastic or metal, as well as producing no fumes or unpleasant odours. It’s environmentally friendly, too, so using it can contribute to reducing your carbon footprint.

How to Use Cement Off

Cement Off is straightforward to use, but it isn’t necessarily intuitive. You might think at first that it isn’t working, but you just have to be patient. Eventually, you’ll see its effects.

For the process to be effective, it’s important to wet the surface first, whether that’s glass or any of the other materials mentioned. That might seem strange, since it dilutes the fluid, but the advantage of this is that it can get more easily into what pores the material has.

Once the surface is wet, you apply Cement Off undiluted with a sponge all over the affected area, and then leave it for 20-30 minutes. It’s vital to keep the area damp, so keep periodically dabbing it with more Cement Off. After you’ve left it long enough for the cement to have dissolved, all you have to do is rinse it away. There’s no scraping, so the glass won’t get scratched.

If you anticipate needing to get cement splashes and spillages off windows or other surfaces, check out Cement Off. It will make the process painless, and you’ll be left with clear, undamaged windows.

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